TMJ and Jaw Specialists as One of the Dentists You Need to Know About

22 Dec

Most of the people tend to perceive a dentist as a specialist the family visits whenever they need dental advise or help. One would need to know that there are several types of dentists one would need to know about. One would need to know some of the special dentists as well as the role they play. You may, for example, need to visit a jaw specialist near you in a case where you experience facial pain, jaw aches as well as frequent headaches. There are chances that you may feel that you jaw joints feel stuck, or locked or even experience pain when yawning or when opening and closing your mouth meaning that you need to seek help from a jaw specialist. A clicking or a popping noise in the jaw may also be another sign that you need to visit a jaw specialist near you.

The general dentist tend to focus more on dental cleaning, educating patients, taking dental X-rays, as well as making sure that the patients know how to take care of their teeth. Among other tasks carried out by the general dentists include treating tooth decays by replacing them with artificial fillings, repairing cracks, whitening teeth, replacing missing teeth, as well as repairing chipped and cracked teeth. You would also need to note that some conditions such as Temporomandibular joint treatment are best done by a TMJ specialist near you than when done by a general dentist.

One would also need to know orthodontist as yet another type of dentist. It would be critical to note that most people tend to know an orthodontist as a person who only installs braces but he or she tends to play more than just the installation of braces. It tends to be the role of an orthodontist to make sure that he or she deals with the functional and the cosmetic reasons of the jaws supporting the facial structures. The orthodontist may not only install braces but also tend to deal with righting misaligned teeth as well as the jaw bone. Be sure to find a doctor here!

You would also need to know of the oral and maxillofacial surgeon as yet another type of special dentist. The role of an oral and maxillofacial surgeon is to fix both soft and hard tissues found around and in the mouth. A periodontist is yet another specialist who specially deals with gums problems. One may also need to seek help from a periodontist where he or she is dealing with an extreme gum disease, gum inflammation, and pain, installing dental implants as well as cosmetic skin grafting on gums. In a case where one needs installation of bridges, crowns, veneers, tooth implants, and tooth implants, he or she would need to visit a prosthodontist. Among other types of dentists include the pediatric dentists, oral radiologists, oral pathologists as well as endodontists. Be sure to watch this video at for more info about doctors.

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